Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance


Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bike Repair by C. Calvin Jones (2008, 2nd edition)
Color photos of common failure modes very useful, and by themselves justify purchase price. Presumably, Park Tool Company subsidizes cost of printing in full-color, whereas other publishers can't afford full-color.
Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn (2010, 5th edition)
Another excellent repair guide.
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair by Todd Downs (2010, 6th edition for Kindle)
Very comprehensive. Because it comes in Kindle e-book edition, can be carried along on rides for reference.
Bike Repair and Maintenance for Dummies by Dennis Bailey and Keith Gates (2009, Kindle edition)
Least comprehensive of the books listed here, but available on kindle.

Allen/Torx wrenches

Repair/maintenance gear carried on rides

Note: some items below specific to Thorn Nomad with Rohloff hub. Others apply to any mountain bike.

PDF format service guides on smartphone or ereader:

tools and other items carried in saddle bag: 790g

liquids carried in saddle bag: 620g

items carried in pannier: 1735g

total: 3145g

items needed for very long tours

items needed for derailleur bikes