Hiking in Spain - GR8 Trail Guide

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overview map of gr8
GPX track here (GR8, PR-TE1 through PR-TE8, Estels del Sud, plus waypoints showing locations of hotels/stores/fuentes). View in Google Maps here.

GPX file for GR8 actually contains 3 tracks: (a) main track, from Font Ferrera to Villel; (b) GR8.1 alternative which passes through Ejulve, etc; (c) loop to visit Cantavieja and La Iglesuela del Cid (plus PR-CV1 extension from La Iglesuela del Cid to Culla, intersecting with GR7).

Here is my trip report for 2013 for most of the GR8.

Here is my trip report for 2014 for a small piece of the GR8.

Official hiking organizations:

Prices below assume low season (everything except Christmas, New Year, Semana Santa, holidays, July, August). Sometimes late June, early September and weekends during spring and fall are also considered high season. Pricing information from hotelsearch.com, toprural.com, and ecoturismorural very unreliable.

Whether or not Saturday is considered high season for pricing, that day is usually the busiest at most hotels. Be prepared to camp then if you don't have a reservation.

Most towns have a water fountain. Stores in small towns face severe competition from a combination of daily fruit/bread trucks and delivery by hypermarts (ordering by internet) and many can be expected to shut down in the future. Bakeries (horno or panadería) sometimes also sell non-perishable food (canned goods, chocolate, etc). Stores and bakeries may have limited hours. It is best to always carry some extra trail food (biscuits, pan de molde, etc).

As of 2016, quantity of Airbnb.com listings is rapidly increasing for rural areas of Spain, so be sure to check that site. Booking.com is also increasingly being used by smaller hotels. But I would avoid using booking.com to make reservations and especially to pay with smaller hotels, since they often have internet problems. Sometimes booking.com shows vacancy in small hotel but either hotel is closed or no vacancy. So just use it to get availability and price range of rooms.

map of gr8, part a

Official GR8 between Beceite and Font Ferrera is a footpath, which may be overgrown or blocked by blowdowns in early spring. Two alternatives: (a) easy forest road route to the west of the Río Maranyana; (b) Estels del Sud trail up the Río Maranyana canyon, which has a few technical spots (iron ladders bolted into the rock) and normally requires getting the feet wet, and so is for warm weather only.



Cañada de Benatanduz


Cuevas de Cañart


Font Ferrera, Refugi (intersection with GR7)


Fredes (see GR7 trail guide)


Iglesuela del Cid, La


Mas de las Matas



Parras de Castellote, Las

Peñaroya de Tastavins



Villafranca del Cid (PR-CV1)


map of gr8, part b


Alcalá de la Selva

Virgen de la Vega (near Alcalá de la Selva)

Camarena de la Sierra (see GR10 guide for accomodation info)



Mora de Rubielos


Puebla de Valverde, La


Rubielos de Mora

Teruel (see Cities not on GRs for accommodation info)




Villel (see GR10 guide for accomodation info)