Smartphone and Accessories

Phone apps:

Carry primary and spare phones, possibly different models. Topo maps should be downloaded to both phones to allow transition to spare when no internet connection available.

Phones must be unlocked and support both US and European frequency bands.

Phones should be protected by sturdy case. Case will not protect against slamming screen against rock. Primary phone normally carried in neckpurse, with screen against wallet or other soft objects. If not carrying neckpurse (such as at night in cities), phone carried in front pants pocket or in hanging wallet inside pants leg, in both cases with screen facing body. Backup phone carried inside backpack, protected by hanging wallet with piece of cardboard against screen.

Moto 5gs Plus (model XT1806), 170g, inside CoverON Tank case 75g, for total of 245g. Purchased Jan 2018. Initially running Android V7.1 "Nougat", updated in Oct 2018 to Android V8.1.1 "Oreo".

!!! IMPORTANT!!! Be very careful about security with smartphones/tablets. If your smartphone/tablet is NOT password protected, and financial and other critical websites are setup to send password resets to email account that is readily accessible from unprotected smartphone/tablet (either because you have an app that automatically logs onto email accounts or your browser remains logged on to web-based email accounts), then anyone who steals your smartphone/tablet will have ready access to those financial and other critical accounts.


Miscellaneous Smartphone Comments