Sewing - Bike Front Panniers

front panniers
For carrying 6L Dromedary water bladder, filled with about 5.5L of water, against Thorn MkV Low Loader front rack. 100 grams per pannier, or 200 grams/pair. Compare to Ortlieb front roller plus panniers, which weigh about 600 grams each, or 1200 grams/pair, even after removing unnecessary straps. Small size allows front panniers to be removed and stored in rear panniers when not needed.

Panniers designed to accomodate stick holder between pannier and rack, as shown in above photo. Ortlieb front roller plus panniers may or may not accomodate stick holder. Bottom corners tapered, since square corners would fold back when pannier is unloaded and get caught in spokes. Bottom formed of webbing straps, allowing pebbles and rainwater to escape through gaps between straps (pebbles thrown up by front tire bounce off down tube then into panniers).

Materials (for two panniers)


frontpanniers pattern

front panniers under construction
Pannier on right is before sewing up sides.

Sewing instructions