Sewing - Bike Saddle Bag

saddle bag

Carries bike repair/maintenance tools, lock, chain cleaner fluid and chain lube. Using a saddle bag rather than panniers for tools and lock reduces load on rear rack and brings center of gravity forwards. Some tools and lock have sharp edges, which might wear a hole in softer items over time, even if separated by layers of fabric, which is another reason for carrying them separately. Carrying chain lube and cleaner inside saddle bag means that leaks will not contaminate gear other than bike tools. Saddle bag attached to saddle rails using straps tied together with square knot. Two sets of attachment straps—primary straps plus spares in case primary straps fail due to abrasion. Loops on saddle bag allows for attaching tail light, when bicycle used in city and hence no rackbag for holding tail light. Drawstring closure. Weighs 120 grams if constructed of 1000D urethane-coated nylon cordura.



saddle bag pattern

Sewing instructions

Cut fabric for body and reinforcement patches. Attach reinforcement patches to coated side of body, zigzag seams. (Photo of saddle bag shows reinforcement patch centered on body. Current improved design, as shown in pattern, shifts reinforcement patch slightly to rear.) Cut/sear/attach 4 x 10" straps of 3/4" nylon webbing to uncoated side of body, positioned as shown, using bartack with reinforcement grid (described here). Hem free ends. Cut/sear/attach 2 x 3" of 1" nylon webbing to uncoated sides of body, positioned as shown, using bartacks with ends of webbing folded under, so as to create dual tail light holders, with slots slightly more than 1" wide. (Use dual tail lights, in case one fails while riding.) Fold body panel and double stitch side seams, zigzag seam allowances. 1" tunnel at top of bag. Before making tunnel, sew some reinforcement patches just above tail-light holder, then install grommet through this reinforced area. Grommet should open to outside of saddlebag. Use grommet to insert drawcord in tunnel and secure in place with cordlock. Apply fray-check to all stitching.