Sewing - Insulated Hat

finished hat

Based on the Green Pepper cold-weather hood pattern, but heavily modified. About .25" single-layer loft and weighs about 25 grams. I originally tried making this hat of Polarguard, but Polarguard is difficult to work with and the resulting hat was a mess, which is why I switched to Primaloft.

The instructions below specify a walking foot attachment, which is necessary in my experience when trying to quilt insulation sandwiched between nylon. With a normal foot, only the bottom layer of fabric is pulled, and the result is puckering. With a walking foot, both top and bottom are pulled. My walking foot attachment (Kenmore part 20-6701) cost about $20 and will work on most standard sewing machines with a vertical bobbin. An expert sewer might be able to get by without a walking foot. Another possibility is to quilt the insulation to one side of the shell before sewing the two shells together—I have not experimented with this method myself.

TBC instead of sewing together the shell pieces, then attaching the insulation to the combined shell, sew together the shell and insulation for each piece separately, then sew together these 3 pieces. This reduces problems with the insulation bunching due to the curves of the combined shell. All pieces will have to be made slightly wider to accomodate this new new design, and the middle piece should be made slightly longer and then left unfinished until it is certain how long it needs to be.

!!! The following pattern is under construction !!!

insulated hat pattern