Sewing - Pants

Long pants pattern is athletic cut (size medium waist but size large hips and legs) which is almost impossible to find in ready-to-wear pants nowadays. Front pockets but no back pockets. No front zipper. Elastic waistband plus sewn-in webbing belt. Loops on sides near waistband, to allow attaching cord for coinpurse and hidden wallet that hangs down pants leg. Reinforcement at inside bottom of legs, where abrasion tends to occur when hiking. All seams double stitched. For 4-ply taslan, quoted at 4.5 oz/sqyd, long pants typically weigh about 250 grams. Can also use lighter weight taslan, supplex or solarweave, or 160 or 320-denier uncoated cordura. About 6 hours for cutting and all sewing, including time spent fine-tuning sizing (as described in instructions below).

Short pants pattern is designed for comfort while sleeping: no pockets, no side seams, elastic waistband only (plus drawcord to secure pants around waist when used as swim trunks). For 4-ply taslan, shorts weigh about 150 gams.

pants pattern


Instructions for long pants:

Instructions for shorts similar to long pants, except: