Sewing - Shirt

Cut loose in the underarms to prevent soiling from underarm perspiration. Looseness in the upper arms extends below the elbow, so when sleeves are rolled up, there will be plenty of airflow. Neck opening large enough to accomodate an insulated pullover and an inner shirt underneath the outer shirt.

button loop closure
Sleeve closure with button loops rather than button holes. Advantages of loops: (a) easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand, but yet fastens securely, whereas button holes would either be too small to easily fasten and unfasten with one hand, or else too large to stay fastened securely; (b) can rip seams and reattach button loops if resulting sleeve opening is too large or too small, whereas button holes are permanent. Rough finish doesn't matter, since the button loops are seldom visible.

No pockets or thick seams, and thus very quick-drying. About 200 grams if made with 3.3 oz/sqyd supplex nylon from Seattle Fabrics.


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