Nov 2018 to Jan 2019, Mojave Desert Bicycle Tour

Mon, 19 Nov 2018

Passport expires next December, but Bulgaria requires passport to be valid six months past time of entry. To avoid problems, decided to renew this year. Maybe because of rushing to do so many things at once, immediately after returning from Europe, neglected to include payment check in packet submitted two weeks ago today. Didn't notice my error until that evening, alas envelope already on its way. Received application packet back today. After carefully checking that everything in order, resubmitted, by tracked priority mail.

Sat, 24 Nov 2018

Added to lifetime inventory of gear during this stay in Reno: sewed up 3 quilts and 5 tarps, redesigned neckpurse and poncho and sewed up 2 each of new versions, bought 4 hats and 4 hiking sticks. Beginning to have doubts as to how long I will continue hiking and bicycle touring. Maybe gear accumulation will turn out to be colossal waste of time, effort and money. But on the other hand, gear is what makes my lifestyle possible. Very few other people doing what I do, largely because so difficult without proper gear. Preferred socks no longer available at Walmart, just to give example of how good gear eventually becomes unavailable, though maybe I can order online. Fortunately, 139 pairs in storage, 3 pairs in packing list, 1 pair in use, or probable lifetime supply.

Real question is why so slow with gear accumulation, given that it bothers me so much and money not that big a factor? Why not buy lifetime supply of 8 hats at once, instead of initially 1, then another, then 2 more, then plans to buy another 4 in January? Maybe because need to test new hat style more under field conditions? Both urge to accumulate and urge to go slow come from deep inside. Conscious me like spectator unhappy at what he sees but unable to change things. Though perhaps could change unhappiness. Trust inner self to do what is right, stop worrying, stop trying to rush things, which just causes problems like with passport renewal.

Mon, 26 Nov 2018

CREST bus to Big Pine ($56).

Tue, 27 Nov 2018 (tbc miles, tbc hours)

Starting odometer tbc miles. Carrying 6 days bread and cheese (6 kilos), 12 days peanuts (3 kilos), 14 liters water.


tbc nights away from Reno total, of which tbc nights camping, tbc nights in motels. tbc rest/hibernation days, tbc days riding.

tbc miles total, tbc hours pedaling/pushing, average of tbc miles/hour. For tbc days riding, average of tbc hours/day pedaling/pushing, tnc miles/day.

Total motel expense of tbc including taxes, for average of $tbc/night for tbc nights in motels. Compare with average of tbc/night for last year's Mojave trip, or tbc% higher.

Last trip for year 2018, and thus time to collect yearly statistics. About tbc nights away from Reno, of which tbc nights camping.


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