Reprogramming the spirit so as to better cope with the realities of the material world, including society. For the most part, this reprogramming involves discarding unneeded rules, rather than adding rules, so we are indeed "lightening" our burden. The reprogramming is always gradual, rather than occurring in one fell swoop, and no one is ever totally enlightened. Reprogramming back to the animal self ("who we were before we were born") is neither possible or desireable. First, we don't want to lose useful programming, such as knowledge of which foods are good to eat. Second, we must retain enough reasoning powers to resist attempts on the part of society to reprogram us. Indeed, it takes immense powers of intellect to resist society's conditioning processes, which is why weak and uneducated minds are never so pure as they might appear to a naive observer.

Sometimes, among the elements of early programming that are not stripped away is the learned desire to preach. But in preaching to others, we also preach to ourselves, and whatever direction we push others, we are also pushed in that direction ourselves. And while a person who is less than fully enlightened may lack the impetus to move further towards enlightenment, they most definitely don't want to fall back into darkness of programmed ignorance and superstition. So if such a person is compelled to preach, then they must preach the truth.

Note that revelation of profound truth may actually strengthen a vigorous and adaptable society, since the elite will use such revelation to improve the system of lies by means of which they keep the masses deceived. This explains why the truth must be revealed anew in every generation, even when there was nothing wrong with the earlier revelations, some of which date back many thousands of years. Society adapts constantly, changing the social conditioning imposed on the generations of today so as to make the revelations of yesterday unintelligible. Revelations must therefore be constantly rephrased, if they are to retain their power to reveal the truth.