Evolution vs Creationism

That religion is concerned with the spiritual rather than material world should be obvious. If religious seekers were truly concerned about the creation of the material world, then they would all be busily studying hard science (nuclear physics, astrophysics, chemistry, etc). In fact, the only subjects which might hold any appeal to religious seekers who are dissatisfied with traditional religion are the social sciences. (A small number of religion and philosophy students take a superficial interest in quantum mechanics—physics for poets, they usually call it—mainly as a way of impressing other people with how smart they are. These students almost never have the mathematical background to get beyond a superficial and misleading understanding of quantum mechanics, nor does quantum mechanics tell us anything about the human condition.) So why all the uproar about evolution vs creationism?

Primarily because there is a line of reasoning which goes like this: (a) we humans should act according to our nature; (b) our nature is that of apes according to evolution, and divinely created beings according to creationism; (c) therefore, we should act like apes according to evolution, and act like divinely created beings according to creationism. The first premise is questionable, of course. But granted that premise, we have the recipe for a disagreement. In practice, everyone can agree that we do act like apes. The question is how we should act—moral values in other words.

Where moral values are concerned, what matters is the spirit, and the spirit is mostly created by God (personification of society's moral code). That is, nurture is more important than nature with respect to the spirit. With respect to the soul and especially the body, nature or genetic programming is more important than social programming. The evolutionists don't necessarily deny this, they simply focus excessively on the material world, which is of little importance in the grand scheme of things, other than for those who plan on a career in science and technology.

Evolutionists argue that evolution is the foundation for modern biology. This is false. The foundation for modern biology is chemistry, physics, mathematics and computation. Time spent studying evolution is time taken away from these hard sciences. The evolutionists don't care, because they are less interested in giving students a solid foundation for modern biology than in pushing their own religious views.