Fear of Death

"Death" is an abstract concept and a difficult one, because it must be expressed in the negative form of non-existence. Death and the fear of death are thus purely spiritual concerns, because the soul, or animal self, lives in the present and has no capability of processing complex abstract concepts. What the animal self fears is the physical pain which typically precedes death in the animal world. When the body is already suffering great physical pain, such as from severe injury or a disease like cancer, then the soul welcomes death, as providing an escape from this physical pain. Given that fear of death resides in the spiritual self, it can be eliminated instantly by simply reconfiguring the spirit (changing the belief system). Society strongly conditions fear of death in its members because this fear of death acts as a lever for further conditioning. Conversely, without fear of death and given some means of committing suicide when faced with physical pain (cyanide pills or handguns, for example), society no longer has a secure grip on its members.