Karma and Reincarnation

"Past choices determine present fate, present choices determine future fate" is the law of Karma, which is closely related to the issue of free will. Spiritual development increases free will, and thus lessens the influence of karma.

Reincarnation of the soul occurs because differentiation of the soul during the early childhood personality formation process is limited, so there are only so many possible soul variants. Given a large enough population (whether alive simultaneously or considering all who have lived over a long period of time), every possible soul variant will occur multiple times. Body is mostly determined genetically, and body has a strong influence on basic personality. Thus males have traits in common that are significanlty different from those of females, though male and female personalities can overlap at the extremes. Likewise for people who are larger than average, average, versus smaller than average in size, and so forth. Thus parents tend to reincarnate in their children, though it could also be more distant relatives. More distant reincarnation, and even reincarnation to a person of the opposite sex, is also possible, though less common.

Reincarnation of spirit is simply the passing along of ideas, belief systems, and ways of thinking, whether by speech, writing, or any other means of communication. Spirit = ideas. Minds that think alike constitute examples of reincarnation. This is the most common form of reincarnation, also known as producing spiritual children. Because spirit is so malleable, all spirits tend to influence all other spirits, and thus all spirits in existence have as their spiritual progenitors not merely one or two past spirits, but all the spirits which have ever existed in the past. Though of course, some of those spiritual progenitors may be much more influential than others.

Karma and reincarnation are tightly connected. Our fate is partly or largely the result of past choices by our progenitors, and to some extent we are the reincarnation of those progenitors. We are thus responsible at least to some extent for our fate. To blame our parents is to blame ourselves. Even to blame complete strangers is to some extent to blame ourselves, since everyone to some extent a spiritual progenitor of everyone else.