The mind is ineffective at changing itself directly. A workaround is to take actions in the material world so as to bring about changes to the mind. This is magic, or "magick" to use Crowley's spelling.

Ceremonial magic (protective circles, invocations and evocations, incantations, etc) is but one type of magic. Yoga can be magic, especially if performed with magical intention. Body flexibility, endurance, poise can lead to mental flexibility, endurance, poise. Similarly with any other exercise program, or any activity whatsoever, for that matter.

Religious rituals are excellent examples of magic. For example, eating the consecrated bread, as part of the Catholic mass, symbolizes ingesting and incorporating (=making part of our body) the will of God, making flesh the word. Those who are capable of reading this document will likely have a high opinion of their mental abilities, including their ability to change their own mental programming via introspective cogitation. But they are mistaken. Hearing the word of God spoken by the priest, much less reading in private, is nowhere near so effective at programming the mind as eating that wafer of bread. (Incidentally, the wine, which symbolizes deep understanding of religion, is not given to the laity in Catholicism, because it is considered too intoxicating for those without proper preparation, whereas the Protestants take a laissez-faire approach: let everyone drink and if some become intoxicated and go crazy, too bad for them, that's what prisons, lunatic asylums and homelessness are for. Obviously, the author of this document takes the Protestant position on the issue of whether the hidden wisdom should be revealed or not.)

Magical thinking of the form "if I want something badly enough, I will get it" is sometimes derided as ineffective childishness. True childishness is thinking of the form "if I cry loudly enough for something, people will hear me and give it to me". This sort of thinking actually worked for most people when they were children, at least if the demand was for food or a changed diaper, but it typically doesn't work once we become adults. If by "wanting something badly enough" is meant focusing our energies on a goal, then magical thinking can be quite effective.