Materialism vs Spirituality

With regards to any issue, we can focus outward on the world of the senses, which is materialism, or inward on the world of spirit, which is spirituality. (It is also possible to focus is upon what is going on inside of other people—their spiritual world, rather than our own. It depends context whether this is a spiritual or materialistic attitude. If the focus on others is because of how that affects us spiritually, then the attitude is spiritual.) Spiritual and materialistic are NOT synonymous with good and evil. Adolf Hitler was highly spiritual (an intellectual and writer and deeply concerned with ideas) and also evil in the eyes of most people. Traditional western allopathic physicians focus on the body and neglect the spirit, and thus are materialistic. Some of these doctors work for very low wages helping sick people in poor countries, and most of us would call such doctors good.

Materialism has bad connotations because it is associated with devoting one's life to the pursuit of money. As noted elsewhere in this document, money is indeed a fool's choice if taken in preference to happiness, wisdom or bodily health, but fame, which is interchangeable with the love and respect of other people, is an even more foolish choice.