Brains of society, responsible for formulating, disseminating and enforcing the societal moral code. The priesthood includes, besides priests per se, journalists, lawyers, judges, politicians, university professors, school teachers, artists, intellectual, prophets. Included in the enforcement function will normally be some system of censorship, so as to prevent understanding and open discussion of the moral code. The best such system ever invented is obscurantism. This is why academic philosophy, for example, is such a bunch of rubbish. The purpose of academic philosophy is to prevent rather than promote understanding. The student who seeks to understand life is told to take a course in philosophy. He does so and after reading many difficult books, he finds himself more confused than ever. So then he is told to take another course. Eventually, the student either gives up and quits asking dangerous questions, or else is safely shunted off on the path of pedantry where he will never do any harm (see C.G.Jung), or possibly, provided he shows himself to be sufficiently obedient, he will be granted a cushy job as a priest himself.