Tarot Trump Cards / Alchemy

Tarot used here is the Crowley Thoth Deck.

Always at hand is the treasure of true happiness, since this depends mostly on the spirit rather than the material world, though the fool in his folly may not be aware of this. Animal self is a constant companion.
Beginning condition, when all is well, and there is balance between the four cherubim. Leo lion for Fire (Volere or "to will"). Scorpio eagle for Water (Audere or "to dare"). Aquarius Man for Air (Sapere or "to know"). Taurus bull for Earth (Tacere or "to be silent").
Crisis that propels us forward on the path of spiritual change.
Bright world of consciousness, which blinds us from seeing the true nature of reality and thus imposes a barrier to further progress.
Subconscious, including soul or animal self plus those aspects of the spirit or conditioned self which are hidden from consciousness by the fortified towers of repression and false thought.
"Though we yearn to break free forever from the bonds of matter, and soar into the ethereal realms of unfettered imagination, alas! we were not made to fly, but must walk upon the solid ground, all the while casting our eyes towards the sky in longing." That is, we must keep one foot on the earth (matter), one foot in the water (bodily pleasure), and the earth (body) must be watered with pleasure, if we are to achieve happiness, rather than trying to live in our minds. Sometimes the yearning is in the opposite direction: highly spiritual beings, largely freed from the bonds of matter, sometimes yearn to once again feel intense physical desire and physical pleasure. In particular, the elderly often lose strong desire for and strong capacity for enjoying sex and food, and life without those primary sources of physical pleasure can seem pale and barren.
Violent overthrow of the old values. Some degree of destruction is always necessary for there to be progress. Some say the decapitated tower shown in the Rider-Waite version of this card represents the rite of circumcision.
Error of materialism, which causes us to think that happiness depends on the material world, when in fact it mainly depends on the spiritual world of the mind. The fetters of materialism can be cast aside at any time—in fact, we may have put these fetters on ourself and thereby created our own hell. An alternative interpretation of this card is confrontation with the taboos—sex, death and other people's money. If God is seen as good for us, then Satan (from Hebrew for the "adversary" of God) is an enslaver and the Devil (from Greek for "betrayer" or "slanderer") represents falsehood. But if God is seen as bad for us, then Satan is the liberator and the Devil is the truth teller.
Putting the system back in order, by carefully blending and balancing the elements. The Latin inscription (Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem), with acronym VITRIOL, is the motto of alchemy and translates to "visit the interior of the earth, by setting things right, you will find the hidden stone".
Transformation. Death of the old allows for birth of the new.
Hanged Man
Willing immolation of the mutable parts of the self. Elevation of genitals and stomach above head. Cross of matter above triangle of desire. Torture the spirit so the body may be freed.
Taming the animal within, but not killing it, since the animal desires (sex, food, physical exercise) are what give zest to life.
Law of Karma. Past choices determine present fate. Present choices determine future fate.
Truth must be sought away from the madding crowd, guided by the inner light.
Sword and balance of intellectual discrimination. The sword of thought is a powerful tool which cuts both ways—a dangerous tool in the hands of those who don't know how to use it properly.
Proper use of the mind as controller. The animalistic desires of the soul, which provide motive power to the self, are ready to be led by the mind. Pull the reins in too tight, and the chariot ceases to move. Let the reins go slack, and the chariot runs wild. Fail to maintain the body in working order, and the whole chariot falls apart.
Love guides towards mystical union or the merging of dualities into unity and the marriage of spirit and soul. But love is blind and its occurrence is an act of grace from higher forces. Which of the paths we choose in the next five cards is thus beyond our control.
Spiritual power, fame, dignity, respect, love.
Material power and riches.
Material abundance, bodily health, ability to derive pleasure from the material world.
Passive wisdom, ability to see what lies beyond the veil of illusion.
Active wisdom, ability to manipulate what lies beyond the veil of illusion.