Tarot Court Cards / Astrology

Mother is the animal self (mother as in "Mother Nature"). Father is the socialized self. Son is blend of mother and father, with father influence dominating. Daughter is blend of mother and father, with mother influence dominating. Tarot used here is the Crowley Thoth Deck.

Queen of Wands, Aries, Mars, 1st house, fire sign of the mother quartet
Original impulsive desire of the purely individual or animal self (e.g. animal lust). Mother religions.
Prince of Disks, Taurus, Earth, 2nd House, earth sign of the mother quartet
Material satisfaction of purely individual or animal desires, implying a certain coarseness of expression. (Taurus conventionally associated with Venus, but planet Earth itself, with qualities of inertia and solidity, is a better association.)
Knight of Swords, Gemini, Mercury, 3rd House, air sign of the mother quartet
Superficial dualistic thought (good versus evil, individual versus society, black versus white, etc). Characteristic thought pattern during transition between quartet of the purely individual and quartet of the purely social.
Queen of Cups, Cancer, Moon, 4th House, water sign of the mother quartet
Transition between individual or animal self and social self; birth of the personality; development of powers of feeling, memory and imagination; reflection upon childhood during this time.
Prince of Wands, Leo, Sun, 5th House, fire sign of the father quartet
Desire reformulated in context of socialized self (e.g. love leading to marriage and children). Dramatic behavior ("Look at me!) not really egotistic but rather the opposite, because of the focus on the observers. A true egotist would only be concerned about him or herself. Father religion.
Knight of Disks, Virgo, Asteroids, 6th House, earth sign of father quartet
Material satisfaction of socialized desire, implying repression of desire so as to integrate into society. (Virgo traditionally associated with Mercury, but this is a particularly unsatisfactory association, given the trickery and amorality normally associated with that planet, which clashes with Virgo's purity. Virgo associated with differentiation and "behind the scenes" inconspicuousness. Compare with asteroid belt, also differentiated and inconspicuous.)
Queen of Swords, Libra, Venus, 7th House, air sign of father quartet
Nuanced thought, capable of balancing conflicting possibilities and seeing shades of grey, which is required for transitioning to next quartet, wherein dichotomy of individual versus society, expression versus repression of desire, replaced by blend of polarities. Transition to next quartet requires execution of Father (=intellectual analysis and thus deconstruction of internalized moral code of society).
Prince of Wands, Scorpio, Pluto, 8th house, water sign of father quartet
Transformation of purely social self into integrated or realized self, which balances needs of individual and society. Transformation will require confrontation with taboos of sex, death and other people's money. Transformation seldom easy. Depression and emotional storms quite likely during transformation.
Knight of Wands, Sagittarius, Jupiter, 9th House, fire sign of son quartet
Desire reformulated in context of integrated self (e.g. sublimated love, which simultaneously provides physical pleasure but also an impetus to worldly achievement so as to impress the opposite sex). Annuciation of the Son religion.
Queen of Disks, Capricorn, Saturn, 10th house, earth sign of son quartet
Material satisfaction of the sublimated desire, implying a concern with worldly achievement but not at the expense of satisfaction of the underlying animal desire, which in turn implies a high degree of self-discipline to simultaneously achieve these conflicting goals. Incarnation of the Son, the spirit or word of the Son religion made flesh.
Prince of Swords, Aquarius, Uranus, 11th House, air sign of son quartet
Unconventional thought, as a preliminary to breaking the bonds of social convention, so as to make the final transition.
Knight of Cups, Pisces, Nepture, 12th house, water sign of son quartet
Transformation which dissolves the bonds of social convention. Crucification of the Son, to be followed by resurrection and ascent into a higher realm. All water signs (transitions) are treacherous, but especially Pisces. Failed Pisces transition associated with institutionalization: prisons, lunatic asylumns, prisons, homeless shelters. A common form of failed Pisces transition is due to desire to avoid performing duties to society (father and son stages of development) and skip straight to the daughter stage.
Princess of Wands, Fire sign of daughter quartet
Desire reformulated beyond the bounds of social convention, implying a balance between the individual and society which strongly favors the individual, and only cedes the absolute minimum to society. Daughter religions (personal rather than mundane astrology, tarot, alchemy, ceremonial magick, witchcraft), which by definition (because they emphasize the individual at the expense of society) can never be sanctioned by society, though they may be tolerated during periods where society does not feel its existence threatened, which is why the daughter quartet is not revealed as part of conventional astrology.
Princess of Disks, Earth sign of daughter quartet
Material satisfaction of the desire as reformulated with an emphasis on the individual rather than society, implying a concern with substance versus appearance (a house provides shelter from the elements as opposed to being a means of impressing the neighbors, etc). Incarnation of the Daughter, the spirit or word of the Daughter religion made flesh.
Princess of Swords, Air sign of daughter quartet
Enlightenment having been realized, the goal is no longer to progress but rather to hold what has been achieved, implying a tendency towards defensiveness, so as to avoid being ensnared again in the bonds of socially approved conventional thinking. "I must create my own system of thought, or be enslaved by another's".
Princess of Cups, Water sign of daughter quartet
No further transformation, but rather a submersion in the waters of bliss.