Tarot Numbered Cards / Kaballah

Also spelled Cabala, Qabala. Ace to ten is the path of spiritual manifestation. Ten to ace is path of spiritual development, working back towards the primal essence. In practice, highest stage we can reach on a temporary basis is four. Highest stage at which we can permanently reside is six. Between three and four is the uncrossable abyss. Correlation with age. Inner personality shaped during first three years of life. To the extent we have no memories of early childhood and cannot change personality traits formed then, there is an "abyss" between that part of our self and what develops afterwards. By age six, we have most of the capabilities we need to survive. By age ten, outer personality more or less complete. Tarot used here is the Crowley Thoth Deck.

Ace of Wands
Desire is the motive power of the universe.
Ace of Disks
Matter is the means, not the end.
Ace Swords
Spirit is simultaneously our glory, because it allows us to control the material world better than animals, and our downfall, because it opens the way to an inner split between spirit and soul.
Ace of Cups
Maximization of physical pleasure and minimization of physical pain is the purpose of life.
Two of Wands, Dominion, Mars in Aries
Unconflicted desire as an unstoppable force.
Three of Wands, Virtue, Sun in Aries
Desire channeled in the forms approved by society.
Four of Wands, Completion, Venus in Aries
Harmonious satisfaction of desires.
Five of Disks, Worry, Mercury in Taurus
Material world results are never lasting.
Six of Disks, Success, Moon in Taurus
Adaptation to the world of matter and its vicissitudes.
Seven of Disks, Failure, Saturn in Taurus
Attempt to force the world of matter to adapt to us.
Eight of Swords, Interference, Jupiter in Gemini
Conflict between long-term versus short-term, profound versus superficial thinking, unfocused mind.
Nine of Swords, Cruelty, Mars in Gemini
Spirit dominates soul, crowding it out with false desires.
Ten of Swords, Ruin, Sun in Gemini
Spirit, tool of society, becomes master of soul, rather than servant.
Two of Cups, Love, Venus in Cancer
That which we desire and that which increases happiness are one and the same.
Three of Cups, Abundance, Mercury in Cancer
Spirit as good servant of the soul, increasing happiness.
Four of Cups, Luxury, Moon in Cancer
Passivity as the way to happiness.
Five of Wands, Strife, Saturn in Leo
Desires excessively chained to serve interests of society.
Six of Wands, Victory, Jupiter in Leo
Desire satisfied through channels permitted by society.
Seven of Wands, Valour, Mars in Leo
Desire clashes with society and its rules.
Eight of Disks, Prudence, Sun in Virgo
Repression. Success in the small matter of obeying society's rules. Failure in the larger matter of satisfying desire.
Nine of Disks, Gain, Venus in Virgo
Manipulation of matter rather than spirit to bring about unity.
Ten of Disks, Wealth, Mercury in Virgo
Total neglect of inner self, in favor of material success.
Two of Swords, Peace, Moon in Libra
Peace that passeth all understanding. Non-attachment to and non-identification with the flow of thoughts. The mind absorbed in itself.
Three of Swords, Sorrow, Saturn in Libra
Mind turns from contemplation of itself to the material world.
Four of Swords, Truce, Jupiter in Libra
Forced version of the peace that existed with Two of Swords, as from meditation and similar exercises to quiet the mind.
Five of Cups, Disappointment, Mars in Scorpio
Desire frustrated by limits of matter.
Six of Cups, Pleasure, Sun in Scorpio
Desire channeled into paths approved of by society.
Seven of Cups, Debauch, Venus in Scorpio
Overindulgence, excessive satisfaction of desire.
Eight of Wands, Swiftness, Mercury in Sagittarius
Unstable, constantly changing desire.
Nine of Wands, Strength, Moon in Sagittarius
Weakened contact with desire due to excess spiritualization.
Ten of Wands, Oppression, Saturn in Sagittarius
Excess of rules causes loss of contact with true desire, hence lack of energy.
Two of Disks, Change, Jupiter in Capricorn
Acceptance that matter cannot be controlled.
Three of Disks, Works, Mars in Capricorn
Focus on the struggle with matter, rather than results of the struggle, the path rather than the destination.
Four of Disks, Power, Sun in Capricorn
Material success in obedience to the rules of society.
Five of Swords, Defeat, Venus in Aquarius
Inharmonious thoughts.
Six of Swords, Science, Mercury in Aquarius
Systematic disciplined thought, productive of results in the material world.
Seven of Swords, Futility, Moon in Aquarius
Mind unable to grasp what it reaches for.
Eight of Cups, Indolence, Saturn in Pisces
Limits of time and matter interfere with pleasure.
Nine of Cups, Happiness, Jupiter in Pisces
Superficial rather than deep pleasure.
Ten of Cups, Satiety, Mars in Pisces
Attempt to grab too much pleasures leads to loss of zest for life.